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Refinish & Repair
Hardwood Floor Plus More
We at Hardwood Floors Plus More can bring that old, worn, damaged or carpet covered wood floor back to life with our restoration and repair techniques.

The process begins with preparation and followed by a heavy grid sanding to remove scratches, dings and existing polyurethane or water-based finishes.

Once the raw wood is exposed, any necessary repairs can be made such as filling old nail holes, repairing cracks, replacing damaged plank, etc., before medium and fine grid sanding.

Next step is to polish and vacuum the floor for stain or seal and final finish of polyurethane or water-base.

Refinish and Repair
Laminate and Tile Installation
Maintenance and Care  
Natural Finish

The sealer is applied as the first and second coat to the prepared wood floor and followed by a coat of polyurethane after the sealer is dry.

Buffing between coat is used for a smooth finish.

Stain Finish

The selected stain is applied as the first coat to the prepared floor and followed by a coat of sealer after the stain is dry. After the sealer is dry, the floor is buffed and vacuumed before the final coat is applied.

The staining process is time consuming and skill intensive to ensure an even color throughout the floor.



We can repair any damaged wood floor to it original looks. From water damaged wood floor to alteration of wall or just remodeling. We can also patch that old heater opening after an upgrade to central heat & air.